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Roanoke - Tupelo Lime - EP Release


New Rock would like to introduce you to Tupelo Lime, a modern Country Blues band based in Norfolk, UK. A popular sight as a solo act across Europe, Tupelo Lime releases the EP "Roanoke" with a new enhanced sound with added depth and emotion preforming a "Five Piece" supergroup for 2023.

Pre order of the EP is no available through. BandCamp , full release available March 17th 2023

Tupelo Lime Website -

Tupelo Lime Facebook -

Tupelo Lime - Roanake

The Old Loop Road

The Fast Eddie Blues

La Mureta

I Never Knew ( I Loved Her)

Don't Drink The Water

(Bonus Track) The Gravediggers' Daughter

"A true pleasure to hear this sound develop and grow, from a raw "stripped back" core to this this transitional composition crafted and mastered perfectly." 

Pre order of the EP is no available through BandCamp ,full release available March 17th 2023